Fun Soapso Soaps

Frequently Asked Questions


What are Soapso soaps made from?

Our soaps are glycerin-based, which helps create a thick, rich lather. Every bar is 100% soap, including the design. Some ingredients vary from bar to bar, but they are all cosmetic-safe, and our soaps are cruelty-free. A full ingredient list is included on each product page, and every soap set is available with or without fragrance.

Are your soaps pthalate-free and paraben-free? 

Yes, absolutely. Our soaps may be fun, but we take our ingredients very seriously. We use only the best, cosmetic-safe ingredients. Our soap bases and fragrances never contain pthalates or parabens.

My soaps look a little cloudy. Is this normal?

This is caused by little soap crystals (sometimes called glycerin dew) that can grow on the surface of your soap. As soon as you start using it, the crystals will disappear. So wash up! Soapso soaps are made to be used. To extend the life of your soap, keep it in a draining soap dish.

Are Soapso soaps vegan-friendly?

Yes! None of soaps use animal ingredients, and we don't test any of our products on animals. You can view a full list of ingredients on every product page.

Do you make custom soaps?

Yes! Custom soaps make great wedding, baby shower, or other party favors. They also make great giveaway and promotional products for your business. Visit our custom order page for more info.

How are Soapso soaps made?

Every Soapso soap is made by hand in our New York City studio, and begins with an idea and a sketch. Once we finalize the design, we meticulously cut it out of colored soap. We layer everything together in individual molds and then top them off with a clear soap base for a longer-lasting design.

How I should use Soapso soaps?

Admire the soap. Rub it on your wet skin. Rinse it off, and feel the clean. Our soap may look delicious, but please don't eat it. Supervise children while using Soapso soaps. For external use only. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. When not in use, store in a dry place.